Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal San Rafael, CA

Why do wisdom teeth need extraction?

And what exactly does “impacted” mean?

Wisdom Teeth RemovalBefore modern dentistry, it was helpful to have wisdom teeth emerge in late childhood/early adulthood. People simply lost teeth more often, and these third molars helped them go about eating and chewing properly.

Nowadays, however, not many people have the extra room for wisdom teeth, and they tend to cause problems by becoming impacted—that is, emerge in a direction that crowds other teeth. Ultimately this pressure can disrupt the alignment of the rest of the teeth.

That’s not a wise thing to let happen.

Beginning around age 12, routine X-rays can alert us to potential problems… BEFORE wisdom teeth start getting disruptive! We can then montior the problem to determine if those mighty molars must go.

If you still have your wisdom teeth as an adult, then take extra care to brush and floss properly. Wisdom teeth are the hardest to reach, so they are especially prone to decay and infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Appointments

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