Abscess Removal

Abscess Removal San Rafael, CA

Treatment for an infected and abscessed tooth.

Abscess RemovalAn abscess is a pocket of infection that forms around the root of your tooth. Your body, in an effort to isolate the infection, naturally creates a wall around it. While at first there may be no visible symptoms, redness and painful swelling of the gums usually follows. Unless abscess removal is performed, the abscess will continue to grow and eventually decay everything that it contacts including teeth, jawbone, gums, and connective tissues.

To perform an abscess removal procedure, we drain the infection, relieving the swelling and reducing pain. In more serious cases a root canal procedure may be needed to remove infected pulp inside the roots. An antibiotic may be prescribed to help fight or prevent infection.

Should you experience any of the symptoms described above, please contact us immediately. North Bay Dental has extensive expertise to treat and heal abscesses successfully.